Year of Establishment

BioTechnology-LabThe department of biotechnology was established with B.Sc., Biotechnology in 2009. As Post graduation in biotechnology is a must for becoming a biotechnology professional, the department extended its wing with PG course in 2012.  The UG and PG courses are affiliated to ThiruvalluvarUniversity, Vellore.

About the Department

The course on biotechnology aims at providing information on basics and applications of biotechnology. The department comprises of 126 students, 6 teaching faculty and 2 non teaching staff.

Faculty Members

Teaching Faculty 
1 Dr.Mrs.V.R.Punithavathi, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,Ph.D Head of the Department
2 Mrs. Saritha, M.Sc., M.Phil., B.Ed., Assistant Professor
3 Dr.A.Mageswari, M.Sc.,Ph.D Assistant Professor
4 Ms.P.Tharanya, M.Sc.,M.Phil.,(B.Ed) Assistant Professor
5 Ms. M.D. Almas Rahee, M.Sc Assistant Professor
6 Ms. A. Shabnam Shereen, M.Sc Assistant Professor
7 Ms.Sumaiya Begum, M.Sc., Assistant Professor
Lab Co-ordinators
1 Ms. A. Sunitha, B.Sc., Dip in Anaesthesia
Technology, DCA
2 Ms. C. Shajiya. M.Sc.,
Lab Facilities

The department has well equipped laboratories for both UG and PG courses.  The following instruments are available in our laboratories:

  • Agarose Gel Electrophoresis apparatus
  • Colorimeter
  • Compound Microscope (Monocular and Binocular)
  • Cooling Centrifuge
  • Cooling Incubator
  • Cyclomixer
  • Dessicator
  • Distillation Unit
  • Electronic Water Bath
  • Electronic weigh scale
  • Hot air Oven
  • Hot Plate
  • PH meter
  • Photocolorimeter
  • Research Centrifuge
  • Rotary Shaker
  • SDS PAGE appartus
  • Spectrophotometer
  • UV-Transilluminator

In addition to the two wet laboratories, the department has a bioinformatics lab which is sophisticated with internet facility. 

Scope of the course

Biotechnology is an emerging interdisciplinary science course. However, it is not a new area of science. By using conventional biotechnological methods, various useful materials such as cheese, yoghurt, vinegar, beer and wine have been produced in olden days. The advancement in techniques such as genetic engineering, plant and animal cell cultures, bioreactor designing, hybridoma technology and polymerase chain reaction has led to modern biotechnology contribution in various disciplines viz. agriculture, food and fermentation industries, textile industries, cosmetics industries, forensic science, clinical and pharmaceutical industries, energy and environment etc. Thus there is a great demand for biotechnology professional in these sectors at both national and international levels. Most of the students specializing in biotechnology enter into research and development department in various private and government organizations. 

Achievements of the departments
  • The department has proudly produced six university rank holders for the academic batch 2009-2012, Samah (Ist Rank), Afzan Zabeen (IInd Rank), Mehtag (IVth Rank), Arifa Abdul Nazeer Basha (VIth Rank), Faiza Tabassum (VIIIth Rank) and Asifa Anjum (IXth Rank).
  • Every year, the department organizes the departmental activity for its students. This year, the department organized Biofest’ 13 on 1st March 2013. The agenda of the programme covered various competitions viz. Quiz, Essay writing, Drawing, Model, Poster and Paper presentations. Dr. Reena Rajkumari, Assistant Professor, SBST, VITUniversity, Vellore presided over the function. Students actively participated in various events conducted.
  • Biotech Expo 2011’ was conducted on 28th september 2011. Dr. Radha Saraswathy, Senior Professor, SBST, VITUniversity, Vellore presided over the function and distributed the prizes to the winners of various competitions.