Business Administration

Year of Establishment

Founded in 2007-2008, MELVISHARAM MUSLIM EDUCATION SOCIETY Our College is steadily transforming itself into a well planned centre for women students aspiring to expand their horizon of knowledge through university education.

About the Department

Our College offers a balanced education, knowledge and experiences. Personal access to professors, individual academic advice and career assistance is carried out. BBA course has been designed to cater to the managerial requirements of the industry.  Industrial visit, Live projects and Training at the industry completes the theoretical knowledge imparted to the students

The Department of Business Administration is committed to achieve and sustain excellent quality in all activities of our college, particularly quality in education by spotting and encouraging innovative and inspiring talents of the students

It is a matter of our conviction to make this a premier education institution, contributing towards the expansion of knowledge, based on the field of Management Science through research, innovation in management- theory and practice and new initiatives.

Faculty Members (Teaching & Non – Teaching)
1 Mrs.B.Vidhya, M.B.A.,M.Phil.,(Ph.D) Head of the Department
2 Ms.M.N.Salma Farheen, MBA., Assistant Professor
3 Ms.M.Elakya, M.B.A., Assistant Professor
4 Ms.D.S.Aneesa Sultana, M.B.A., Assistant Professor
5 Mrs. M. Siriya, M.B.A., Assistant Professor
Lab Facilities
  • Communication Laboratory
  • Internet Laboratory
Scope of the course

Aim at developing a student’s intellectual ability, executive personality and managerial skills. Assist the students in understanding and developing the unique leadership qualities.

Achievements of the departments
  • Every year, the Department produces university toppers from our Department.
  • We develop life long learning skills and make the students ready to pursue their post graduate education at national and international institutions.