General Discipline

  • Student’s requests must be made individually and through the proper channel.
  • Students should show due respect to the Faculty members. They should be highly dignified in their conduct and behavior.
  • Each student must retain safe custody of the identity card provided by the college.
  • No student shall leave the class-room without the permission of the teacher, or until the teacher leaves the room.
  • Students shall not make noise while moving from class to class.
  • No student is allowed to enter the College Office without prior permission.
  • Any damage by the student to the college/hostel property will be made good at their expense and those responsible for such damage shall be dealt with severely. Collective fines will be imposed for any such damage when the individual who has done the    damage is undetected.
  • Cases of improper behavior ,or default in the matter of payment of College Fees, Fines or Hostel Dues will entail such disciplinary action as the principal may deem fit.
  • “RAGGING” of any kind is not permitted either inside the college campus or in the hostel or outside. Students who are guilty of the offense will be dismissed from the college and handed over to the police Authorities for further action, as per the Govt. Orders.
  • They should uphold the moral standards of honesty, respect for elders and kindness towards all.


Students are expected to dress in the college uniform. This rule is strictly enforced. They are not permitted to come in colour dress without prior permission from the Principal.


  • No students shall absent herself from the college without submission leave letter. All leave applications should be endorsed Head of the department. Leave will ordinarily be granted when it is applied for in advance, and only for valid reasons. In case of sickness and other unavoidable circumstances extending three days, the Principal or the Registrar of attendance may require the production of medical or other certificate from the student.
  • Application for leave from student residing in the college hostel should be recommended by the Deputy Warden.
  • Those who are late by more than five minutes will not be permitted to enter the class except on valid reason.
  • A student requiring leave for a period or a portion of a period must get permission from the Lecturer, in person before the class begins.
  • A student absenting herself for 3 days and more shall be fined at the discretion of the principal, and that will be informed to her parents.
  • A student who continuously absents herself for 15 days without a valid reason will have her name struck off the rolls.
  • Dropping away at the end of the term or late return after holidays shall be punishable with heavy fines.
  • Absence from the test, composition and special classes shall be severely dealt and fine will be collected.
  • Absconding from classes and habitual absentees shall be dealt with severely .The punishment may involve suspension or removal from the college.
  • A student who puts in at least 75% of the attendance shall be allowed for the university examinations. A student who puts in 65% to 75% of attendance will be allowed to take up the examinations, only at the discretion of the principal after payment of Condonation fee and submission of medical certificate.
  • Students who have less than 65% of attendance will not be permitted to appear for the university examination.
  • The above rules are also applicable to the practical classes.


Monthly test and the Half-Yearly Examination will be conducted .Students are advised to take these examination seriously.


  • The Academic Year, for all the purpose shall be divided into TWO SEMESTER.  SEMESTER-I beginning with the reopening of the college after summer vacation(June) and ending with 31st November of the year, and the SEMESTER –II beginning in the month of December of the year.
  • Every student is liable to pay the whole fees, term wise during any part of which her name is found on the rolls of the college.
  • If a student fails to pay her fees by the 5th working day of each year, a fine of 50/- shall be levied. If the fee is not paid within 15 days, her name shall be struck off the rolls and if re-admitted, she, in addition to the fees and fines due from her shall pay Re-admission Fee of 100/-.
  • Students should take receipts for all payments they make and preserve them carefully for future reference.
  • Students who discontinue their studies at any time during a semester have no right to claim remission of any portion of the semester or other fees paid by them.
  • Students should put in their claims for refund of deposits before the end of respective year.


Certificate from the College

A notice of 2 days is necessary for the issue of any Certificates. Students must apply to the principal for the following certificates:

  • Conduct Certificate                                    : Rs. 10/-
  • Attendance Certificate                               : Rs. 10/-
  • Course Completion Certificate                    : Rs. 10/-
  • Bonafide Certificate                                   : Rs. 10/-
  • Duplicate Certificate                                  : Rs. 50/-

A search fee of Rs. 100/- will be charged in case of application made one year after leaving the college.