Department:  M.A.English

S.No. Year/ Semester Title of the Paper
I Year / I Semester
 1. Main Chaucer and the Elizabethan Age
 2. Main The Neo Classical Age
 3. Main The Romantic and the Victorian Ages
 4. Main Twentieth Century
 5. Elective I Theory and practice of Translation
I Year / II Semester
 1. Main English Language and Linguistics
 2. Main Indian Literature in English
 3. Main Shakespeare
 4. Main American Literature
 5. Compulsory Paper Human Rights
 6. Elective New Literatures English
II Year / III Semester
 1. Main Commonwealth Literature
 2. Main Literary Theory and Criticism I
 3. Main English Language Teaching
 4. Main Literature, Analysis, Approaches and Applications
 5. Elective Film Reviews and Presentation
II Year / IV Semester
 1. Main Literary Theory and Criticism II
 2. Main Soft Skills, Literature and Movies
 3. Main World Classics in Translation
 4. Main Women’s Writing in English
 5. Elective Anatomy of Literature